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Lab equipment calibration is a basic part of owning and operating a scientific lab. Do you know why it is important? We’ll discuss what calibration means and why every scientific lab needs it.

What Does Lab Equipment Calibration Mean?

First, what does it mean to calibrate lab instruments and machines? To calibrate lab equipment is to give it a quality control test to measure its accuracy and make adjustments to ensure its precision in the future.

Calibrating lab equipment is like fine-tuning a musical instrument or a car—after months or years of use, quality and accuracy can degrade and require adjustments. Typically, labs will send their instruments to a specialized company that does calibration services for lab equipment repair, like Conquer Scientific. We measure and calibrate your instruments and send them back to the lab with a detailed report.

Why Is Lab Equipment Calibration Important?

What is the importance of lab equipment calibration, and why do labs do it? The crucial reasons labs calibrate their instruments are accuracy, longevity, and safety.


The first and most important reason to calibrate lab equipment is to ensure accuracy. Precise measurements and results are critical for any scientific lab, whether for conducting research, testing, quality control, or something else.

No lab wants to produce inaccurate results, but tests and results are only as accurate as the instruments used to conduct them. Instruments that haven’t been calibrated will make more mistakes and give inaccurate results to lab workers until they’re no longer worth using.


Calibration also helps lab owners get the most value from their expensive equipment for longer. As a lab instrument ages and is used, its quality and accuracy will inevitably decline.

Without calibration, a lab instrument will degrade even quicker, and labs will have to search for a replacement. Fortunately, labs can prolong the longevity of the equipment by calibrating it. Longer-lasting equipment means saving money and greater long-term value for lab managers.


Lab teams have to consider safety when calibrating their instruments. Lab instrument accuracy is critical for quality work and the lab’s safety, particularly for labs that deal with hazardous chemicals and solutions.

If lab equipment measurements or results are slightly off when dealing with dangerous chemicals, it can put the entire lab and staff in danger.

When was the last time you calibrated your lab instruments? If it’s been a while, contact our service team at Conquer Scientific to get your equipment expertly calibrated and improve its accuracy, longevity, and safety.