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Used HPLC Equipment

High-performance liquid chromatography is one of the most common techniques used in analytical chemistry. You’ll find it utilized in industries like pharmaceutical quality control, environmental research, and forensic analysis. Labs that need new instruments can find used HPLC equipment from the most reputable OEM brands like Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu, and more in Conquer Scientific’s inventory.

Conquer Scientific offers high-quality used HPLC systems because we were founded by scientists, for scientists. Brand-new OEM equipment is expensive and a burden on any lab’s budget, but refurbished HPLC systems from Conquer Scientific offer the accuracy and quality of new machines at an affordable price.

Browse our inventory of used HPLC equipment to find the ideal machine for your lab. Our team of experts can help you set it up and offer training too, so your lab staff can get started right away. Should you have any issues with your equipment, our lab equipment repair service will be there in no time to lend a helping hand.