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Used HPLC Modules

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is one of the most common testing methods in many applications and industries, from quality control in food processing to potency testing in cannabis cultivation. Labs that require new HPLC equipment can find high-quality used HPLC modules from top-end OEM brands in Conquer Scientific’s inventory.

Conquer Scientific specializes in refurbished equipment, meaning the instruments and machines are pre-owned but restored to near-new quality by our expert technicians. At Conquer Scientific, labs can find quality OEM HPLC modules from at affordable prices.

If your lab could benefit from a refurbished HPLC module, browse our expansive inventory of used HPLC modules to find an instrument that fits your lab needs. Contact our expert staff if you have questions about Conquer Scientific’s HPLC inventory or services.