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Labs have two options when purchasing lab instruments and machines: new or used equipment. Below, we’ll highlight some top reasons labs should invest in used equipment, like the discounted price and faster delivery.

1. Discounted Price

The financial reward is the primary incentive for most labs to go the used lab equipment route. Brand-new lab instruments and machines are expensive and can account for a significant portion of a lab’s budget.

Refurbished lab equipment, however, is significantly more affordable—costing less than half of a brand-new lab instrument in some cases with little difference in quality. The financial benefits of used lab equipment are obvious for labs with tight budgets that need to stretch their dollar as far as possible.

2. Quality Equipment

Affordable lab equipment is great, but the reduced cost doesn’t matter much if the instruments are subpar or deficient, which is always a worry with pre-owned instruments. While using lab equipment may sound like a compromise in quality, the difference between new and used instruments is often minimal.

Conquer Scientific’s equipment is used and refurbished. A refurbished instrument has been used but also repaired and serviced by a team of experts to restore it to practically new quality. With refurbished lab equipment, labs can purchase near brand-new OEM quality equipment at a fraction of the price.

3. Faster Delivery

Another prime reason many people invest in used lab equipment is the quickness and efficiency of delivery offered. As many labs that buy instruments from OEMs know, these manufacturers keep very little equipment in stock. Instead, OEMs typically produce the needed instruments order-by-order, which leaves labs waiting for their equipment to be assembled and delivered.

This added step can add weeks or even months to the delivery process. Refurbished equipment sellers like Conquer Scientific are different, as we have a wide inventory of supplies on hand that are ready to ship within hours of receiving the order. Labs can save weeks or months of productivity when they purchase used instead of new lab instruments.

4. Slower Depreciation

Anyone who has bought a brand-new car understands how depreciation works—as soon as something goes from new to used, its value plummets. Brand-new lab instruments aren’t much different from cars. The second new lab equipment arrives at a lab and is put to work, it’s labeled a used instrument, and its value depreciates.

But like with used cars, used lab equipment has a more consistent and steady value. If used lab instruments are properly cared for, they can maintain a value close to the original when it was bought for much longer than new lab equipment. Plus, labs always have the option to sell the refurbished equipment back to a used supplier and earn close to their money back.

5. Limited Risk

Since used lab instruments cost less and don’t depreciate as quickly, they’re also less risky than brand-new OEM equipment. Because new lab equipment is so expensive, there’s a lot of risk in choosing the right instrument and keeping it functional for a long time to squeeze as much value out of it as possible.

With a used instrument, the risk is much less significant, as it doesn’t take up as large a portion of the lab’s budget. And as discussed, refurbished lab equipment suppliers can always buy back the equipment later if it’s not the right fit for the lab.

6. Reduce Waste

Labs that want to promote sustainability and eco-conscious values should also consider refurbished lab equipment to cut down on waste. Outdated and broken lab equipment has to go somewhere—often a landfill.

Because much lab equipment is made from plastic, keeping them out of landfills is an admirable goal for any eco-conscious lab. Instead of letting old equipment rot, refurbished lab equipment suppliers repair these old instruments to near-new quality and sell them to labs. When buying used equipment, labs aren’t just saving money—they’re also reducing waste and helping the environment.

7. Expand Lab Resources

Another benefit of saving money with used lab instruments is that it opens up new opportunities for the lab. Instead of spending a significant part of the budget on one brand-new instrument, a lab can save money with used equipment and spend those savings on other instruments or resources the lab needs.

A lab could use the leftover funds for other parts of the budget that were overlooked or even hire more staff to expand the lab’s capability. Saving with refurbished lab equipment opens up many opportunities for financially strapped labs.

Bonus Reason: Services & Repairs

Labs also benefit by buying from a used equipment supplier like Conquer Scientific because they can utilize resources like our services and repair team. Conquer Scientific’s team of expert service engineers will install the equipment for labs and provide helpful demonstrations to get staff up to speed on properly using the instruments.

And if the used lab equipment from Conquer Scientific ever breaks down or malfunctions, our repair service team is on-call to provide in-house and on-site repairs at an affordable price. Conquer Scientific also offers premium contracts with a replacement/loaner program for customers in certain areas so that labs can quickly get replacement instruments for broken equipment without losing productivity.

What To Consider When Buying Used Lab Equipment

Clearly, there are many reasons to purchase refurbished lab equipment, but what should buyers consider while shopping? The main factors with used equipment are its condition and its warranty.


When buying used lab instruments, the overall condition will significantly affect the item’s value and quality. It’s wise for shoppers to ask about the history of the equipment—how old it is, how it’s been used, and what repairs it’s received—before making a final purchase.

No used lab instrument will be pristine, but newer equipment requiring fewer repairs will have a better chance of lasting longer and working better.


Another consideration for labs buying used equipment is the warranty. Does the instrument still have its original OEM warranty, or is one offered by the equipment supplier?

Conquer Scientific stands by our refurbished equipment, which is why we offer warranty coverage on our used instruments to help buyers feel secure with their purchases.


If your lab could benefit from buying used equipment, reach out to Conquer Scientific. We have a vast inventory of used instruments and machines, like used gas chromatography equipment and more. Contact our staff if you have questions about our instruments, and start saving money with Conquer Scientific today.

7 Reasons To Invest in Used Lab Equipment