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There are many things to consider when creating a cannabis testing lab besides the equipment and operations. We’ll offer tips for starting your own hemp testing laboratory on the right foot.

Don’t Overestimate the Green Rush

Experts refer to the explosion of recreational and medicinal cannabis consumption in the US and the resulting growth of the entire industry as the “green rush.” While it may sound lucrative, people entering the hemp industry—especially laboratory testing—should be wary about initial success.

While the need for hemp testing for consumer safety and cultivation has grown, there’s a lot more competition than just a few years ago, causing testing prices to drop. A hemp testing lab has much potential for success, but new operations shouldn’t expect the same initial success as other labs that entered the industry a few years ago.

Understand Local Cannabis Regulations

The first thing that any hemp testing lab should do before planning its operations is familiarizing itself with local laws and regulations for the industry. While most states generally have the same laws regarding cannabis cultivation and movement, they vary from state to state.

Before opening a hemp testing lab, you should be familiar with every local, state, and federal law and restriction that could apply to you. This is especially important for avoiding legal entanglements and penalties.

Create a Plan of Operations

Another immediate concern for new testing labs is a plan of operations. This plan is similar to a business plan but is concerned with the details of the laboratory operations. A plan of operations answers the following critical questions:

  • Will the lab test recreational cannabis, medicinal cannabis, or both?
  • What services will the lab offer?
  • What equipment does the lab need to perform these services?
  • How will the lab test the cannabis?
  • What hemp growers and producers in the area require your services?

Utilize Refurbished Equipment

An excellent tip for saving money while starting your own hemp testing laboratory is using refurbished equipment. Lab equipment is a significant portion of the budget, and brand-new OEM equipment can cost a staggering amount that compromises other areas.

Refurbished equipment is effective and affordable for new labs to get the instruments and machines required at a discounted price. Conquer Scientific has a wide range of used equipment useful for cannabis testing labs, including refurbished LC/MS.

Search for Networking Opportunities

A hemp testing lab needs clients in the industry, so networking is an immediate concern. You can foster cannabis industry connections online, such as through LinkedIn groups with professional hemp growers and cultivators.

The hemp industry also holds national and local conventions for cannabis professionals to gather, speak about the industry, and network. Attending a hemp convention is an excellent opportunity to get in front of other industry professionals and foster business connections.