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This is a used Thermo Scientific ESA Coulochem III Electrochemical Detector P/N: 70-9142.

This Thermo Scientific ESA Coulochem III Electrochemical Detector is the standard for electrochemical detection that has greater sensitivity, selectivity, and as wide a dynamic range.


Detector Configuration DC Potentiostat for 1or 2 electrodes and/or Scan Mode/Pulse Mode; Potentiostat for Guard cell
Operating Modes DC, Pulse, Scan
Potential Range ± 2000 mV in 1 mV steps
Full Scale Current Range 10 pA to 1 mA in 1-2-5 sequence (DC mode)
Filter Time Constants 0.2 to 10 seconds in 1-2-5 sequence (DC mode)
Output Noise <750 fA (0.75 pA) with a 500 MΏ, 0.47 µF test load and a 2 second filter (DC Mode)
Signal Output ± 100 mV; ± 1 V
Function Keys Autozero, Event marker, Cell On/Off, Run/Stop
Interface USB, RS-232C Interface Capability
Full parametric instrument control of DC and Pulse
Method Storage Up to 25 methods (any combination of DC, Scan, Pulse, and Time line)
Output Resolution 24 bit bipolar
Guard Cell Potentials ± 200 mV in 1 mV steps
Coulochem Module: Dimensions and Weight 28.6 × 23 × 49.5 cm (11.25 × 9 × 19.5 in);
6.7 kg (14.8 lbs) Detector only
Power 100-120 V, 60 Hz; 230-240 V, 50 Hz
Certifications UL, CSA, CE



ECD / Part Number: 70-9142




ESA, Thermo Scientific

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