Thermo Scientific Accela HPLC Autosampler and Pump

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
Model: Accela Autosampler / Accela Pump
Condition: Used
Warranty:90 day with onsite installation. Other options available upon request.
Tests Performed:tested
Listing ID#:12770

Thermo Scientific Accela Autosampler
The Accela High Speed Autosampler’s optimized sample pathway ensures fast chromatographic separations. Complete temperature management enables the user to control the temperature of the sample, mobile phase, injector valve, and column, providing maximum reproducibility.
  • Vial Capacity: 200 vials with tray temperature control / Three 96- or 384-well plates
  • Column Oven: 5–95 °C ± 0.5 °C selectable in 1 °C increments
  • Tray Temperature Control: 0–60 °C ± 0.5 °C selectable in 1 °C increments
Thermo Scientific Accela Quaternary Pump
  • provides accurate and precise flow and gradients under all operating conditions with minimal pulsation.

System includes:
  • Cables and connectors

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