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This Agilent 7800 ICP-MS System comes fully refurbished by Conquer Scientific.

The Agilent 7800 ICP-MS is an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) instrument that’s designed for elemental analysis. It’s intended to be easy to use and set up, especially in high throughput and routine labs.


  • Reduce Sample Preparation – The 7800 ICP-MS’s unique High Matrix Introduction (HMI) technology allows for the analysis of samples with up to 3% total dissolved solids (TDS) without the need for dilution, significantly cutting down on sample preparation time.
  • Minimize Signal Suppression – HMI technology mitigates signal suppression, enabling precise measurement of high matrix samples without the necessity for matrix-matched calibration standards.
  • Ensure Accurate Data with Effective Interference Removal – Utilizing Helium (He) collision mode simplifies method development and routine operations by eliminating polyatomic ion interferences under uniform conditions. This approach negates the requirement for matrix or analyte-specific reaction cell conditions.
  • Analyze Major and Trace Analytes in a Single Run – The wide dynamic range orthogonal detector system (ODS) supports the direct analysis of both major elements (in the range of 100s or 1000s of ppm) and trace level analytes (down to single or sub-ppt levels) within a single run. This high upper concentration limit minimizes the need for sample reruns due to overrange results.
  • Maximize Throughput and Productivity – The optional Integrated Sample Introduction System (ISIS 3) and the SPS 4 Autosampler enhance throughput and reduce analysis costs while maintaining high data quality.

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