Cannabis Testing

Whether just setting a cannabis testing lab, or expanding the scope of the existing operations, sourcing the right equipment vendor is crucial. The quality of the products and reputation of the company are important, as are ability of vendor to provide training, help with method development and establishing quality assurance-and-quality control (QA/QC) plans along with servicing of the instruments.

Fatih Büyüksönmez, Ph.D, P.E., the founder and CEO of Conquer Scientific and a professor emeritus of environmental engineering, is a highly experienced, world renowned scientist in his field. His background includes research into pesticides, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, and terpenes in wide array of environmental components and agricultural sources. His work with terpenes was recognized with the Research Excellence Award by USCC. Having published extensively in the area, his training and academic experience has provided the insight and knowledge to understand, not only the instrumentation, but the science behind lab testing. This is what separates Conquer Scientific from other vendors.

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