Mettler Toledo AT261 Delta Range Analytical Balance with Printer



  • Mettler Toledo AT261 Delta Range Analytical Balance
    • Mettler Toledo LC-P45 Printer
    • Mettler Toledo ME-210391 Power Supply
    • Cables and Connectors
  • Warranty Coverage

This is a used Mettler Toledo AT261 Delta Range Analytical Balance.

The Mettler Toledo AT261 Analytical Balance is a versatile dual-range device, capable of weighing 62 grams and 205 grams. Within the 60g range, it provides a readability of 0.01mg, repeatability of 0.015mg, and a linearity of ±0.08mg. In the 200g range, the balance ensures a readability of 0.1mg, repeatability of 0.05mg, and a linearity of ±0.15mg. Notably, the AT261 is equipped with fully automatic motorized self-adjustment and features two built-in weights for enhanced precision.


Weighing Capacity 62g (205g)
Readability 0.01mg (0.1mg)
Repeatability (s) 0.015mg (0.05mg)
Linearity ±0.08mg (±0.15mg)
Depth x Height x Width 434 mm x 289 mm x 241 mm
Weight 9.3 kg





Mettler Toledo

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