LabTech SEPLINE-S1 US-MP0061 Solid-Phase Extration SPE



  • LabTech SEPLINE-S1 US-MP0061 Solid-Phase Extration SPE

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The Labtech SepLine-S1 US-MP0061 automated solid phase extractor is designed to automate the 4 steps of solid-phase extraction, including conditioning the sorbent, retention of compounds, rinsing, and elution of the analytes of interest. The SepLine-S series includes two models: Single and Dual channels. A unique low-pressure sealing technology accurately controls the liquid flow through the syringe and avoids cross-contamination. Multi-channel mode improves the efficiency of the SPE method and guarantees reproducibility and stability of sample pre-treatment.

Technical Features:

  • Automated process of sample transfer, rinsing, loading, drying, washing and elution
  • Positive pressure pump to ensure accurate flow rate and high recovery
  • Automated holder up to 60 cartridges controlled via software
  • Unique low pressure sealing tech and air bubble technique to prevent sample/solvent cross contamination
  • Standard nitrogen blowing function
  • Up to 7 different solvents managed via software
  • Septum piercing function to prevent solvent evaporation
  • Dispensing needle cleaning function to avoid cross contamination during liquid handling
  • Different volume sample vials and rack options
  • User friendly software with intuitive graphic interface
  • Optional sample tray cooling device

P/N: US-MP0061 Description
SepLine-S1 Single Channel AutoSPE System
It includes the items below:
~ one SepLine principal machine
1) one SepLine single channel Streams manager
2) one SepLine single channel multifunctional column plunger
3) one SepLine single channel precise syringe pump
4) 15 SPE column holder unit of 6mL,one holder holding four columns
5) real-time pressure monitoring system