Labconco Rapidvap 7900002 Vacuum Dry Evaporator



  • Labconco Rapidvap 7900002 Vacuum Dry Evaporator
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This is a used Labconco Rapidvap 7900002 Vacuum Dry Evaporator .

The RapidVap Vacuum Evaporation Systems are ideal for preparation of samples in a variety of applications including drug discovery, agrichemistry, mycology testing and environmental analysis. The systems use vacuum along with heat and vortex motion to help speed evaporation and provide an alternative to traditional centrifugal evaporation methods. These systems may be used with a broad range of aggressive chemicals. Heat is supplied by a dry block heating system that, unlike water baths, adds no potential source of contamination and requires no maintenance.


• Fast evaporation rates. Methylene chloride evaporates at a rate up to 4.8 ml/minute/tube. Water evaporates at a rate up to 0.75 ml/minute/tube.
• Microprocessor-controlled vacuum level speeds evaporation.
• Rear-mounted 1/2″ OD vacuum port attaches to a vacuum pump(sold separately).
• Automatic vacuum release in the event of power failure
• Microprocessor-controlled 1000-watt dry block heating system supplies a controlled amount of heat up to 100º C.
• Microprocessor-controlled vortex motion increases surface area for faster evaporation.
• Maintenance-free, microprocessor-controlled motor provides smooth variable-speed power to drive the vortex motion up to 1000 rpm.
• PTFE-coated aluminum chamber
• Epoxy-coated cast aluminum cabinet base and acrylic/PVC thermoplastic upper housing
• Glass lid with Lexan shield
• Dual lid clamps
• Phenol-free gasket provides complete sealing under vacuum.
• Alarm signals completion of run allowing samples to be left unattended while evaporating to desired end point.
• Up to 9 different user-set programs, each with different parameter set points, may be stored in memory. Parameters of time, heat, vortex speed and vacuum may be set.
• Easy-to-read LCD display







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