HTA 3200A Liquid Sampler 209 Position


  • HTA 3200A Liquid Sampler
    • 209 vials, 2ml (2 removable racks)
  • GC Mounting Kit & Cables
  • Preventative Maintenance Kit
  • Warranty Coverage


  • Extended Warranty
  • Installation & Familiarization



This is a new HTA 3200A Liquid Sampler 209 Position.

The HTA 3200A Liquid Sampler 209 Position represents the pinnacle of automated liquid sampling technology. Designed to cater to the most demanding laboratory and industrial sampling needs, this cutting-edge instrument brings unparalleled precision, efficiency, and flexibility to your sample collection process.


  • 60+ GC models supported
  • Space-saving design
  • Move freely between GCs – 1 turret serves 2 injectors
  • Extraordinary performance: a perfect fit for your lab
  • Empowered by AI



HTA 3200A





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