Eppendorf 5702 Benchtop Centrifuge



  • Eppendorf 5702 Centrifuge
    • Max. speed: 3,000 x g (4,400 rpm)
  • Eppendorf Swing-bucket rotor A-4-38.
    • Maximum speed: 4400 rpm / max 4x400g
    • (4) Eppendorf Round Buckets 85 ml for A-4-38 rotor.
    • (4) Eppendorf Tube Adapters for Round bucket 85 ml
  • Warranty Coverage


  • Eppendorf Fixed Angle Rotor (F-35-30-17)
    • 30 X 15 ml / with 30 sleeves for (5702 / 5702 R / 5702 RH)
  • Eppendorf Adapters for Round bucket 85 ml
    • 5 x 7 ml
    • 4 x 10 ml Vacutainer
    • 4 x 7 Vacutainer
    • 5 x 2-7 ml

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This is a new Eppendorf 5702 Benchtop Centrifuge.

The Eppendorf 5702 Centrifuge is a high-performance laboratory centrifuge designed for the separation of various samples. With a compact design and a maximum speed of 4,400 RPM (rotations per minute), this centrifuge is ideal for a wide range of applications in research, clinical and industrial laboratories.

The Eppendorf 5702 Centrifuge features a rotor with a capacity of 4 x 100 mL or 30 x 1.5/2 mL tubes, allowing for flexible use with a variety of sample sizes. The centrifuge also features an intuitive control panel with an easy-to-use interface for easy operation, with a variety of programmable features for customized runs.


  • Max. speed: 3,000 x g (4,400 rpm)
  • Very compact footprint to fit on every lab bench
  • Very quiet operation to benefit your environment
  • Low access height for simple loading and unloading of samples
  • SOFT brake function for slow acceleration and braking. Optimized for cell separation by gradient centrifugation
  • “At set RPM” function starts the timer when the selected rotational speed is reached for reproducible centrifugation runs
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 32 x 40 x 24 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Eppendorf Swing-bucket rotor: A-4-38 Maximum speed: 4400 rpm / max 4x400g








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