Agilent Stratagene Mx3000P Multiplex Quantitative PCR (QPCR) System


*Disclaimer: Instrument color may vary.

System Includes:

  • Agilent Stratagene Mx3000P system
  • Computer
  • Cables and connectors

The Mx3000P system is a high-performance, full-featured instrument system designed to accommodate basic experimental design and also offer the flexibility required for more advanced applications. The Mx3000P QPCR System brings real-time instrumentation to the individual researcher with a limited budget.

Manufactures Specifications 

  • Four optical channels with user-selected filters for greater flexibility
  • Broad wavelength range excitation supports most fluorescent dyes
  • Defined excitation and emission detection wavelengths ideal for superior multiplex results
  • Single photomultiplier tube for detection ensures superior sensitivity and linear dynamic range to ten orders of magnitude