Agilent 6530 Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS


  • Agilent 6530 Q-TOF LC-MS
    • Pump
    • Data System
  • Warranty Coverage


  • MS Sample Introduction
  • HPLC Front End
  • Generator
  • Air Compressor
  • Workbench
  • Wiley NIST / EPA / NIH Mass Spectral Library 2020
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty

This is a refurbished Agilent 6530 Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS.

The Agilent 6530 Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS provides the precision of accurate-mass mass spectrometry, ensuring utmost confidence in your data. Our advanced and intermediate instrument software workflows seamlessly integrate with the 6530, offering unparalleled access to your data and enhancing the potency of your research.

Elevate your analytical capabilities with the Agilent 6530 Q-TOF mass spectrometer. This instrument offers comprehensive Full MS spectra, coupled with MS/MS or All Ions acquisition, rendering it well-suited for diverse applications in the pharmaceutical industry, life sciences, and governmental agencies. The precision of accurate mass spectrometry enhances your confidence in analysis, surpassing the capabilities of unit resolution instrumentation.


In-spectra Dynamic Range
  • 5 Orders
Ion Source
  • Dual-AJS
  • Dual-ESI
  • APCI
  • MultiMode (ESI+APCI)
  • NanoESI
MS Acquisition Rate
  • 50 spectra/second
MS Mass Accuracy (positive)
  • <2 ppm RMS
MS Sensitivity (positive)
  • S/N (RMS) > 200:1. Measured with 1pg reserpine on column
MS/MS Acquisition Rate
  • 50 spectra/second
MS/MS Mass Accuracy (positive)
  • <3 ppm RMS
MS/MS Sensitivity (positive)
  • S/N (RMS) > 500:1. Measured with 1pg reserpine on column
Polarity Switching Duty Cycle
  • 1 s
Quad Resolution (FWHM)
  • 1.3 Da (autotune)
Quadrupole Isolation Mass Range
  • m/z 20-4000
Software Platform
  • MassHunter
Supported Software Add-Ons
  • MassHunter BioConfirm
  • MassHunter VistaFlux
  • Mass Profiler Professional
  • Classifier
  • Lipid Annotator
TOF Mass Range
  • m/z 20-20,000
TOF Mass Resolution (FWHM)
  • > 10,000 at m/z 118 independent of acquisition rate
  • > 20,000 at m/z 1522 independent of acquisition rate
Temperature Mass Stability
  • <1 ppm / 3 °C





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