Agilent 6410B with 1260 Infinity Clinical Edition Front End


  • Agilent 6410B with 1260 Infinity Clinical Edition Front End
    • Agilent 6410B LC/MS
      • ESI Source
      • Mass Range: 15 to 1,650 m/z
      • Roughing Pump
    • Agilent 1260 Infinity Clinical Edition HPLC
      • Solvent Tray
      • HiP Degasser Clinical Edition
      • Binary Pump Clinical Edition
      • TCC Clinical Edition
      • HiP Autosampler Clinical Edition
      • Thermostat Clinical Edition
  • Rotary Vane Pump
  • Data System
  • Warranty Coverage


  • NIST / EPA / NIH Mass Spectral Library 2020
  • MS Sample Introduction
  • Mass Spec Workbench
  • HPLC Module Customization
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty

This is a refurbished Agilent 6410B with 1260 Infinity Clinical Edition Front end.

The Agilent 6410B triple quadrupole LC/MS system is a high-performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry instrument that allows users to analyze a wide range of compounds with high sensitivity and selectivity.

Some key features of the 6410B include:

  • Multiple mass analysis modes: The 6410B can operate in single or multiple mass analysis modes, including single-stage, double-stage, and triple-stage MS.
  • High sensitivity: The 6410B utilizes a high-resolution and accurate mass spectrometer that can detect trace levels of compounds in complex samples.
  • Fast analysis: The 6410B has a fast scan rate and can analyze samples quickly, making it suitable for high-throughput applications.
  • Efficient sample preparation: The 6410B has an integrated autosampler that can handle a wide range of sample types, including solid, liquid, and gas.
  • Robust and reliable: The 6410B is built to withstand harsh laboratory environments and has a low downtime rate, making it a dependable choice for researchers.

The Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC System offers the most flexibility for solvent selection and automation in HPLC method development, research and all HPLC applications requiring continuous access to a wide range of solvent choices.






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6410B / 1260 Infinity

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