Thermo Scientific TSQ XLS GCMSMS


Thermo Scientific TSQ XLS GCMSMS

This Thermo Scientific TSQ XLS GCMSMS is in excellent condition.

The TSQ Quantum XLS and TSQ Quantum GC are members of the TSQ Quantum™ family of Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers.

System Includes:
  • TSQ Quantum
  • Trace GC Ultra
  • TriPlus Autosampler
  • Cables and connectors
  • Computer

In a typical analysis, an autosampler (AS) introduces a sample into the gas chromatograph (GC). The GC separates the sample into its various components. The components elute from the GC and pass into the mass spectrometer where they are analyzed.

The mass spectrometer’s triple-stage mass analyzer performs either one or two stages of mass analysis:

• The mass spectrometer is operated as a conventional mass spectrometer with one stage of mass analysis. The ion source ionizes the sample and the ion products are subjected to mass analysis in the first-rod assembly. The second and third-rod assemblies transmit the resulting mass-selected ions to the ion detection system.

• The mass spectrometer is operated as a tandem mass spectrometer with two stages of mass analysis. The ion source ionizes the sample and the ion products are mass analyzed by the first-rod assembly. In this case, however, mass-selected ions exiting the first-rod assembly collide with an inert gas in the second-rod assembly and fragment to produce a set of ions known as product ions. (A chamber called the collision cell surrounds the second-rod assembly. The collision cell can be pressurized with an inert gas.) The product ions undergo further mass analysis in the third-rod assembly to detect selected ions.

Two stages of mass analysis yield far greater chemical specificity than a single-stage can achieve, because of the system’s ability to select and determine two discrete but directly related sets of masses. In the first stage of mass analysis, you can use the mass spectrometer to elucidate the structures of pure organic compounds and the structures of the components within mixtures.

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in



30 day

Tests performed

These are all tested and working units.


Thermo Scientific

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