Shimadzu SCL-10A VP Controller


Shimadzu SCL-10A VP Controller

The Shimadzu SCL-10A VP Controller directly controls all VP Series components from it’s simplified display menu for easy, user-friendly operation. Fiber optic interfacing enables low noise, high-speed data transmission which enhances system reliability and sensitivity.


  • The new controller features improvements including a larger, more legible display and customizable menus. Function keys, detailed help information(with valid parameter ranges), and a graphical user interface streamline parameter setup and instrument operation.
  • Built-in validation support functions help you comply with GLP/GMP regulations and enhance productivity by reducing the labor required to perform validation tasks.
  • Save method parameters to the built-in 3.5″ disk drive for reference and for secure transfer to other VP Series HPLC systems.
  • Operate your isocratic system with a simplified parameter setup. Enter pump flow rate, detector wavelength, column oven temperature, and auto-injector batch schedule parameters, and begin your run.
  • The SCL-10AVP’s advanced mode accesses full VP Series capability, including the autoinjector’s automated advanced sample pretreatment functionality.


Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 16 in







30 Day

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