Hewlett Packard G1600AX 3D Capillary Electrophoresis (CE)

System Includes:
  • Hewlett Packard G1600AX 3D Capillary Electrophoresis (CE)
  • Computer
  • Cables and connectors

The HP G1600AX 3D Capillary electrophoresis (CE), with its high efficiency and resolution, rapid analysis time, plus minimal sample and solvent requirements, covers a broad range of applications in a wide variety of industries.


Detector UV/Vis diode-array detector (190-600nm)
Wavelength accuracy ± 1 nm
Response time 0.1 – 10 seconds (8 choices)
Light source Deuterium lamp
Pressure system Programmable with 0-50 mbar bidirectional flushing with 1 bar or with high pressure 2-12 bar bidirectional, vial pressurization with high pressure 2 -12 bar
Capillary cassette Forced-air-temperature-controlled with Peltier element
Temp. Range: 10°C below ambient – 60°V
(±0.1°C) with a min. of 4°C
Vials 1001l sample vials, 1mL or 2mL buffer vials (polypropylene or glass) with resealing snap caps
Injection modes Self correcting injection system with injection from both ends.
Programmable range: up to 10,000 sec.
Pressure: 0 – 50 mbar
Electrokinetic: 0 – 30 kV
Operating environment Temperature: 5 – 40°C
Humidity: up to 80%, at 30°C (n.c.)
Electrophoresis power Voltage range: 0 to ± 30 kV supply
Current: setable: 0 – 300µA
Power: setable: 0 – 6 W
operating under constant voltage, current or power programmable polarity switch
Autosampler/ Fraction collection 48 – position carousel. All vials are randomly accessible from cathode and anode end of capillary. Temperature control with external waterbath with vial temp. from 10 – 40°C (n.c.)
Power requirements 100-120/220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions 20.5″ (D) x 16.8″ (W) x 22.7″ (H) Weight = 115lbs


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