CEM Discover Voyager SF Automated Microwave Synthesizer System


CEM Discover Voyager SF Automated Microwave Synthesizer System

System Includes:

  • CEM Voyager SF Automated Microwave Synthesizer System
  • CEM Discover Proteomics System
  • Synergy /CEM Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer Software
  • Laptop

The CEM Voyager System provides four major advantages over the conventional method of scale-up.

  • Microwave synthesis provides better yields, cleaner chemistries, and access to some reactions that cannot be performed conventionally.
  • It is much easier to scale up microwave parameters. The operator uses the same reactor and the same vessel on the larger scale, so the microwave parameters do not change and there is no time or material wasted re-optimizing the reaction.
  • The user has the ability to run reactions at elevated pressures, which is not possible in conventional glassware at larger volumes. Some reactions have to be run at elevated pressures to get a good conversion.
  • It’s faster. The chemist only has to place the inlet lines in the proper reagent bottles and they’re ready to go. Cleanup is automated, so there is no need to tear the system apart to clean it after every reaction.

The Synergy software and onboard controls of the Discover make it the easiest-to-use microwave system, even for those who have little or no experience with microwave technology in the laboratory, while still maintaining all of the advanced programming options requested by skilled microwave users.


  • Patented Focused single-mode cavity. This third-generation cavity is the newest single-mode design on the market.
  • Self-tuning cavity – No more guessing about the correct position of the reaction vessel for optimum results. Discover is automatically tuned to ensure reproducible reaction conditions and results every time
  • Continuous power generation and control of power supply – capable of supplying power in 1W increments from 0 to300W.
  • Largest single-mode cavity available
  • Air cooling
  • Easy cleaning – Removable spill cup makes clean up fast and easy
  • Multispeed magnetic stirring
  • Automated power control based on temperature feedback
  • Smallest footprint of any microwave synthesizer on the market
  • The only microwave synthesizer available with the patented Power Max technology (simultaneously cooling while heating)
  • Vertically focused IR temperature sensor (patented) – no need for different vessels to get an accurate reading, regardless of volume
  • Hot Keys – Another CEM first that makes the Discover the easiest-to-use microwave synthesizer on the market.

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