Waters Micromass ZMD Single Quadrupole LCMS System

Manufacturer: Waters Alliance
Model: Micromass ZMD
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:10360
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Waters Micromass ZMD is a single quadrupole, benchtop MS detector. For the Mass Spectrometry analysis Waters offers the Waters® ZSpray™ Mass Detector (ZMD) 2000 system. This detector, based on Micromass' ZSpray™ technology, covers a mass range up to 2000 Daltons. The ZMD detector features proven API techniques such as ESI and APCI as standard, and offers ZSpray contamination avoidance technology. Both API inlet probes are quickly and easily interchangeable without breaking vacuum. Specifications:
  • Flow rates allowed are 5-1000 ul/min (ESI) and 200-2000 ul/min (APCI).
  • Quadrupole analyzer of mass range 2-2000 Daltons.
System included:
  • Edwards Vacuum Pump
  • NesLab CFT-25 Refrigerated Recirculator/Chiller
  • Computer with Software
  Note: Licenses for Waters’ software products are not transferable. Any customer who purchases Waters products are advised that in order to hold a valid license to use the Waters’ software, they must purchase a license and appropriate Application Manager directly from Waters.

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