Waters Acquity UPLC/UHPLC with Synapt HDMS LCMSMS System

Manufacturer: Waters
Model: Q-Tof Premier / SYNAPT / Acquity
Condition: Used
Warranty:90 Days
Tests Performed:Fully Tested
Listing ID#:17381

The Waters SYNAPT HDMS Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer (QTOF LCMSMS MSD G1 High Definition Mass Spectrometry Quadruple Time of Flight ) is designed for leading researchers working at the limits of conventional mass spectrometry capabilities who need to further characterize and define their samples, Waters SYNAPT HDMS System offers unique, enabling functionality. Waters SYNAPT HDMS System enables the analysis of samples differentiated by size and shape, as well as mass, to deliver increased specificity and sample definition beyond that achievable by conventional mass spectrometers

The ACQUITY UPLC System eliminates significant time and cost per sample from your analytical process while improving the quality of your results. By outperforming traditional or optimized HPLC, this technology allows chromatographers to work at higher efficiencies with a much wider range of linear velocities, flow rates, and backpressures specificity and sample definition beyond that achievable by conventional mass spectrometers


This System Includes:
  • Waters Solvent Manager
  • Waters Binary Solvent Manager
  • Waters Synapt HDMS Mass Spectrometer
  • Roughing Pump
Note: Licenses for Waters’ software products are not transferable. Any customer who purchases Waters products are advised that in order to hold a valid license to use the Waters’ software, they must purchase a license and appropriate Application Manager directly from Waters.

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