Waters 3100 Single Quadrupole MSD LCMS System

Manufacturer: Leybold / Waters Alliance Model: 2489 / 2545 / 2767 / 3100 / 515 / SFO / SV40 BI Condition: Used Warranty: 90 Days Test Performed: Listing ID# 12087
Waters 3100 Single Quadrupole LCMS System (Prep LCMS / Preparative LCMS + Autopurification System)
The Waters 3100 Mass Detector provides your laboratory with a fast, simple, and flexible analytical platform that enables you to rapidly screen and confirm molecular weights, effortlessly track chromatographic peaks, purify with maximum recovery, and quantitate with superior sensitivity and selectivity.

This complete system came from a fully working reputable lab. System is in excellent condition and includes the following components:

  • Waters 3100 Single Quadrupole Mass Detector
  • Waters 2487 UV/Visible Detector
  • Waters 2767 Sample Manager (Fraction Collector)
  • Waters 2545 Binary Gradient Module
  • Waters SFO (System Fluidics Organizer)
  • Leybold Sogevac SV40 Vacuum Pump
  • Computer


Waters 3100 Mass Detector::

The 3100 Mass Detector provides you with all the advantages of MS detection. This versatile and easy-to-use single quadrupole MS detector allows for chemists with all levels of experience to generate

superior quality results

Waters 2767 Sample Manager:

The Waters 2767 Sample Manager is a high-capacity sample processing system that easily and automatically manages sample aspiration and injection, collection and fraction analysis on a single platform. The 2767 provides a single-point management of injection and collection of separated peaks.

Waters 2545 Binary Gradient Module:

The 2545 Binary Gradient Module (BGM) is a high-pressure mixing binary gradient pump that serves as the primary solvent delivery device for the Waters AutoPurification System, enabling subsequent isolation and purification of targeted compounds.

  • Operates at analytical and preparative scales
  • Performs between flow rates of 0.50 to 150.00 mL/min with a pressure up to 6000 psi
  • Integrates solvent selection valves on each solvent delivery channel to allow for rapid solvent changeovers and system purges
  • Streamlines the purification process via MassLynx™ Software control using FractionLynx™ Application Manager


Waters 2489 U/V Visible Detector:

Whether performing routine UV-based applications or pushing the limits of detection with low-level impurity analyses, the Waters 2489 UV/Visible (UV/Vis) Detector is the best detection choice for performance, reliability, and usability. The 2489 UV/Vis Detector is the most sensitive and versatile dual-wavelength absorbance detector available for HPLC. The design combines a high energy Deuterium source, a precise optical design, and low noise, high speed electronics.  These advanced capabilities take UV/Vis detection performance to a new level.





Note: Licenses for Waters’ software products are not transferable. Any customer who purchases Waters products are advised that in order to hold a valid license to use the Waters’ software, they must purchase a license and appropriate Application Manager directly from Waters.

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Waters 3100 Single Quadrupole MSD LCMS System
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