Varian GC System CP 3800 with 8200 CX Autosampler

Manufacturer: Varian
Model: 3800
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:3559
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This Varian GC System CP 3800 with 8200 CX Autosampler is in excellent condition.  The Varian CP-3800 GC is Varian's top of line Gas Chromatograph with a flexible platform for single, dual, or three-channel configuration for maximum productivity. The CP-3800 Gas Chromatograph is easily upgraded to multi-valve, multi-column configuration to handle complicated analysis.  System specifications include:
  • Large LCD screen and straightforward user interface for easy viewing and editing of GC parameters.
  • Spacious column oven accommodates three or more columns.
  • Fast heat-up (100°C/min) and rapid cool-down column oven (400°C to 50°C in 4.5 min) allow for faster cycle times and increased productivity.
  • Concurrent installation and operation of up to three injectors and three detectors permanently on the GC.
  • Wide range of injectors and detectors to choose from for the most complicated application.
  • Choose from manual pneumatic control or electronic flow control for all injectors and detectors.
  • Wide range of autosamplers to choose from for complete sample introduction and preparation automation.
  • It is fully functional as a standalone GC or controlled through the Varian Star Workstation or the Galaxie Chromatography Data System.
  • PC and Software included.
  • Working Condition

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