Varian Cary 50 Probe UV Visible Spectrophotometer

Manufacturer: Varian
Model: Cary 50
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:14364

Varian / Agilent Cary 50 UV-Vis ( UVVis Cary50 ) includes The Fibre Optic Dip Probe, a trouble-free alternative to a conventional sipper By incorporating a Xenon flash lamp, Varian’s Cary 50 offers many key advantages over traditional UV-Vis spectrophotometers. Varian’s Cary 50 is controlled by the innovative Cary WinUV software. With its modular design, Cary WinUV delivers the specific functionality you need today and makes it easy to upgrade whenever your requirements change. This device features a dedicated fiber optic dip probe for measurement of liquid samples. Designed for pharmaceutical and industrial labs, it provides faster analysis times than possible with standard sipper systems, according to the company. More than 180 samples with three replicates can be measured in one hour. The probe does not use tubing or metallic components, allowing organic and corrosive solutions to be measured easily.
  • The maximum scan rate is 24,000 nanometers (nm) per minute. That means you can scan the whole wavelength range of 190–1100 nm in less than 3 seconds.
  • With a data collection rate of an impressive 80 points per second, you’ll have all the information you need about your kinetics assay.
  • The Varian Cary 50 can measure samples up to 3 Abs so you won’t have to dilute as often.
  • The Xenon lamp has a very long lifetime—3 x 109 flashes actually.  That makes the Varian Cary 50 inexpensive to run. The Varian Cary 50’s super-concentrated beam makes it ideal for fibre optic work, offering excellent coupling efficiency and light throughput. And, its room-light immunity makes shielding of a fibre optic probe unnecessary.
This system includes:
  • Varian Cary 50
  • Probe

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