Varian 325 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer LCMS System with Varian Pal Autosampler

Manufacturer: Varian
Model: 325
Condition: Used
Warranty:30 Days with the purchase of onsite installation
Listing ID#:18899

Triple-Stage Quadrupole • Mass range: 10–2000 m/z • Mass resolution: unit mass (0.7 amu, fwhm) over the entire mass range • Mass axis stability: ±0.1 amu over 24 hours • Scan rates: up to 6000 amu/sec • Adjustable dwell times: 2-14,000 ms (software defined per transition) • Software control and automated optimization of collision energy and gas pressure API Interfaces • Spray chamber temperature: up to 65° C • Quadrupole ion guide: off-axis (6°) with respect to capillary gui • Capillary voltage: up to 300 V (compound dependent) • Nebulizing/drying/vortex gases: require 99% N2 at 80 psi with < 0.1 ppm of hydrocarbons and < 1% of O2; also requires clean, dry air at 80 psi with < 0.1 ppm of hydrocarbon for negative ionization mode Varian Colulmn Valve Module Varian Prostar 210 Solvent Delivery Modules (2)   Varian PAL Autosampler             Computer                                                                                                         

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