Thermo Scientific LTQ XL Orbitrap LCMS System

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
Model: LTQ Orbitrap
Condition: Used
Warranty:30 Days with onsite installation
Tests Performed:Tune Report Available upon Request
Listing ID#:11652

Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap LCMS System supports a wide range of applications from routine compound identification to the most challenging analysis of low level components in complex mixtures.
The Most Confident Protein Identification
  • Superior mass accuracy for lower false positive rates (FPRs)
  • Parallel acquisition mode for optimized productivity
From Protein ID to Biomarker Discovery
  • Excellent sensitivity and fragmentation efficiency
  • Reliable identification and quantitation in one experiment
This system includes:
  • LTQ LX Orbitrap
  • Chiller
  • Power Conditioner
  • Computer

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