Thermo Finnigan LTQ FT Ultra High Performance Mass Spectrometer

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific Model: LTQ FT Condition: NA Warranty: AS-IS Test Performed: Listing ID# 13437
Professionally decommissioned and packaged by Thermo Scientific.
The Finnigan ( Thermo Electron Corporation ) LTQ FT (LCMS / LCMSMS / Mass Spectrometer) instrument is a linear ion trap with a Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) MS detector. It combines the ruggedness, versatility and MS capabilities of the ion trap mass spectrometer with the accurate mass measurement capability of an Ion Cyclotron Resonance analyzer. The LTQ FT is operated like the LCQ series of quadrupole traps. Additional benefits are high resolution, accurate mass, and higher dynamic mass range.
System is complete with ESI probe with housing, Edwards Vacuum pumps, Windows workstation,
  • Resolution: 100 000 (FWHM) at m/z 400 with a scan repetition rate of 1 second, while acquiring a mass range from m/z 200 to 2000.Mass Range:  m/z 50-4000 . 1-order-magnitude in single scan (e.g. m/z 200-2 000)
  • Mass Accuracy: 2 ppm RMS with external calibration.
  • Dynamic Range: 5000 within mass spectrum | >500000 between mass spectra | Sub-fmol on column sensitivity (LC-MS)
  • MS/MS: MS/MS and MS scan functions
  • Magnetic field drift: < 1.2 ppm per day
  • Ion Trap based Fourier Transform ICR Mass Spectrometer
  • FTICR (FTMS) at LC timescale
  • Accurate Mass
  • High Sensitivity
  • Ultra-high Resolution

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Thermo Finnigan LTQ FT Ultra High Performance Mass Spectrometer
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