Thermo Scientific FOCUS GC with FID and SSL (NEW)

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific Model: AS 3000 II / FOCUS GC Condition: New Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 12586
Thermo Scientific FOCUS Gas Chromatograph: the essence of modern GC technology compacted into an affordable single channel platform. Compact in size and very affordable, the FOCUS GC is the ideal solution for every budget-conscious laboratory looking for an instantly productive GC environment.
These single-channel gas chromatographs provide precision and accuracy for quality control and high-throughput laboratories. On-board electronics and fast heating times ensure reproducibility of experiments, while also covering a wide range of applications with ease. The ultra-stable oven provides temperatures from ambient to 350°C. Fast heating and cooling column oven adds to the precision of this GC. Unique features include column characterization, system leak check, and timed events. Split/splitless injector features an optimized thermal profile, eliminating discrimination of heavy compounds.
System includes:
  • Thermo Scientific FOCUS GC
  • FID
  • SSL

Brand new, out of box

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Thermo Scientific FOCUS GC with FID and SSL (NEW)
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