Thermo Scientific Finnigan Trace DSQ Single Quadrupole GCMS System with TRACE GC Ultra and TriPlus Autosampler

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
Model: TRACE DSQ / TRACE GC Ultra / TriPlus
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:11377
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This complete system includes:
  • Finnigan TRACE DSQ Mass Spectrometer
  • Finnigan TRACE GC Ultra
  • TriPlus Autosampler
  • Edwards 3 RV3 Rotary Vane Dual Stage Mechanical Vacuum Pump
  • Thermo AS 3000 Autosampler
More info:
The TRACE DSQ GC/MS employs next-generation curved optics to eliminate performance-robbing neutral noise. Elimination of this background allows the chemist to employ the full dynamic range of the TRACE DSQ system – improving detectivity, quantitation and spectral performance.
Finnigan TRACE DSQ Features:
  • Mass range of 1-1050 amu
  • Scan speeds up to 10,000 amu/sec (profile and centroid)
  • Curved pre-filter for noise reduction
  • ± 10 kV conversion dynode for better performance
  • Wide spectral/quantitative dynamic range
  • Removable ion volumes for EI and CI
  • Combination ion volume for automated EI/CI operation
  • Powerful Xcalibur data system
Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra Gas Chromatograph is designed to be easily configured with up to two injectors and three detectors. The Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra multi-channel gas chromatograph was developed for the evolving requirements of modern laboratories. With the most complete range of proprietary inlets, sensitive detection systems, smart accessories, and ancillary devices, the Ultra platform features unique technologies that raise the standards of speed, sensitivity and separation in gas chromatography.
Finnigan TRACE GC Ultra Features:
  • Simple, rugged hardware
  • Internal LAN interfacing capability
  • Independently heated valve housing able to accommodate up to 4 heated/2 unheated gas valves, 8 pressure regulators, 8 needle valves, In/out ports, packed and capillary columns
Thermo Scientific TriPlus Autosampler:
  • Comes with Wash Station and 2 Tray Holders
  • This ALS independently serves multiple GC platforms for higher productivity. Merging robotic technology for vials and syringe operation, with advanced controls of three dimensional space movements of the syringe holder (XYZ), the TriPlus Autosampler provides flexibility in sample capacity for high lab productivity.

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