Thermo Savant Discovery 220 Speedvac Concentrator Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
Model: Discovery-220
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:3943

This machine is in excellent condition and was tested.  This instrument comes with a Bosch modular cabinet and a manual. The Thermo Savant Discovery 220 Speedvac Concentrator Centrifuge is listed for more than $80,000!  You have the opportunity to buy this instrument for a fraction of the list price.
  • High Capacity Unit That Holds up to 120 Standard 96-Well Microtitre Plates Per Run
  • Oversized Vacuum Port for Rapid Evaporation
  • Stainless Steel and Teflon Liquid Pathway for Maximum Durability and Solvent Compatibility
  • Vertical Chamber Cover Lift Mechanism for Easy Access of Samples
  • Built in Vacuum Control
  • Programmable Heat Range from Ambient up to 80°C
  • Unique “Scroll” Vacuum Pump is Oil-Free, Solvent and Corrosion-Resistant
  • High Capacity (7.5 Litre) -50°C Cold Trap
  • “Integrated Modular” Design Incorporates the Vacuum Pump and Cold Trap into One
  • Simple User Interface for Selecting Time, Temperature and Vacuum Level
The Discovery SpeedVac (Speed Vac) is a high capacity, high throughput centrifugal concentrator designed for combinatorial chemistry and its associated solvents. High quality components handle aggressive solvents such as TFA, Acetonitrile, DMSO, Methanol and Methylene Chloride. Interchangeable multi-level rotors can hold up to 120 shallow well microtiter plates or whole test tube racks in a single run. The compact design allows the complete unit to fit inside a conventional walk-in fume hood without modifications. A built-in 100 L/min oil-free, maintenance-free vacuum pump and a 7.5L capacity cold trap make it a complete, stand-alone system with plug-in and use convenience.

Thermo Scientific

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