Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca XP LCMSMS System

Manufacturer: Thermo Finnigan Model: LCQ Deca XP Condition: Used Warranty: 90 Days Test Performed: Listing ID# 11128

The Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca LC/MS has a proven reputation for full scan sensitivity and reliability for analysis of complex mixtures and matrices.  The universal Ion Max source allows simple plug and play for switching of ionization probes.  Fully automated MS capabilities and advanced Data Dependent Scan (DDS) functions deliver reliable results quickly.  The LCQ Deca has proven its performance and is strong in areas of metabolite structural elucidation and peptide sequence determination.

The LCQ™ Deca XP Plus redefines sensitivity and performance in an ion trap mass spectrometer. With enhanced ion optics and Ion Sweep™ gas, the LCQ Deca XP Plus delivers superior sensitivity and non-stop data generation for a variety of advanced LC/MS applications. Fully-automated MS capabilities and advanced Data Dependent™ experiment design features make analysis of low-abundance compounds in any matrix routine. Powerful Xcalibur® software accelerates data analysis and simplifies the generation of results while providing a single platform to control LC/MS experiments. With cutting-edge hardware design, outstanding reliability and intelligent software, the LCQ Deca XP Plus is the benchmark instrument for applications such as metabolism and proteomics. The industry’s first APCI/APPI combination ion source allows ionization of compounds not classically accessible to LC/MS.

This system includes:

  • Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca XP Mass Spectrometer ( MS / MSD / LCMS / LC MS )
  • 2 Edwards 30 E2M30 Vacuum Pump
  • Xcalibur Software and PC

Optional front end HPLC:

System can be used on a stand alone basis with solutions samples introduced by a direct infusion using a syringe pump, or intergrated with autosampler from a front end LC.


Mass range m/z 150 to 2000 daltons (amu)
Scan power MSn, for n = 1 to 10
MS/MS Sensitivity 50:1
Resolution Normal unit mass scan, 10000 HR (FWHM)
Scan speed 28 ~ 66000 amu / sec


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Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca XP LCMSMS System
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