Thermo Finnigan LCQ Advantage LCMS

Manufacturer: Thermo Finnigan
Model: LCQ Advantage
Condition: Used
Warranty:30 Days with purchase of onsite installation
Listing ID#:16153

The attribute that sets the LCQ Advantage MS detector apart from other LC detectors is the high level of analytical specificity that it provides. The LCQ Advantage can provide five levels of analysis. Each level of analysis adds a new dimension of specificity for positive compound identification. Two-stage mass analysis allows for even more positive compound identification. MS/MS analysis monitors a reaction path: the production of a specific product ion from a specific parent ion [called selective reaction monitoring (SRM)]. Using SRM analysis, for example, you can easily quantitate target analytes in complex matrices such as plant or animal tissue, plasma. urine, groundwater, and soil. Because of the specificity of MS/MS measurements and the ability to eliminate interferences by an initial mass selection stage, quantitative target compound analysis is easily accomplished using the LCQ Advantage MS detector. This system includes:
  • Computer
  • Xcalibur Software
  • Edwards E2M30 Vacuum Pump
  • LCQ Advantage LCMS

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