Spark Holland 880 Mistral Oven Chiller

Manufacturer: Sparks Holland
Model: 880
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:15598
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Spark Holland 880 Temperature range: Ambient 5-90°C. Spark Holland 880 Dimensions:  330mm (D) x525mm(H) x 171mm(W) Spark Holland 880 Power: 230V This Mistral 880 is a column oven that provides exact and reproducible temperature control. Large area heating plates guarantee a safe and stable operation at a temperature range from ambient+5°C up to 90°C, while forced air circulation ensures excellent temperature uniformity in the column area. The temperature controlled column area contributes to the reproducibility of retention times, with separations more consistent at a constant temperature and sometimes more efficient at elevated or sub-ambient temperatures. An injector is mounted inside the Mistral 880 oven to achieve a maximum temperature stability of the system. It is possible to perform temperature gradients on this Spark Holland 880 in order to optimize separation, being compatible with most HPLC instruments, with a remote I/O connector for communication.

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