Rheodyne EV-700-100 Injector Valve

Manufacturer: Rheodyne
Model: EV750-100
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:812

This Rheodyne EV-750-100 Injector Valve is in excellent condition.  This is a 2 Position, 6 Port PEEK Fluid Processor.  This two-position module electronically automates all your injecting and switching needs to boost productivity. The precision valves are rated at 345 Bar (5000 psi). Suggested applications include sample enrichment, column backflushing, column selection, pre-column backflushing, sample stripping, simultaneous injection with two sample loops, alternating column regeneration, and combined injection and sample enrichment. System features include:
  • Automates online sample enrichment, stripping, and backflushing for decreased total analysis time
  • Automates two column selection
  • Automates multi-dimensional chromatography for simultaneous sample clean-up and analysis
  • Automates sample injection 1 or 2 line TTL level or pulse logic

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