Perkin Elmer Victor 2 1420 Multilabel Counter 1420-032 Microplate Reader

Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer
Model: 1420-032
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:10993
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Not only is VICTOR2 easy to use, it is also easy to learn to use. It gives you the freedom to employ it’s different technologies, without forcing you to spend time learning how to use different instruments. Nor do you have to waste time telling the instrument things it should know. Details of the plates, filters and labels you use are all pre-installed on VICTOR2. System Includes:
  • VICTOR2 1420-032: Manual VICTOR2 with fluorescence and luminescence technologies
  • Computer
Performance: Fluorometry: Fluorescein detection limit < 2 fmol / well Eu-linearity: 5 decades Photometry: Meas. range @ 405 nm: 0- 2 A / Accuracy @ 405 nm: < 2 % or ± 0.01A / Precision @ 405 nm: < 0.5 % or ± 0.01A Luminometry: Lower limit of detection < total flux of 105 photons/s Fluorescence: Fluorescein 1 nM Polarization: with 384-well plate < 5 mP Standard deviation Software: The instrument Windows Workstation software runs on a Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT compatible computer.

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