New Brunswick Bioflo IV 20L Fermentor

Manufacturer: New Brunswick Scientific
Model: BioFlo IV
Condition: Used
Tests Performed:Unable to test due to power requirements:208/220/240 VAC 50/60Hz, 40 Amp
Listing ID#:17528

New Brunswick 20 Liter BioFlo IV Fermenter ( Bio Flo 4 Four ). The Bioflo IV 20L Fermentor is capable of remote control, data logging & process programming using optional BioCommand software.  Four assignable pumps built in for programmable addition of acid, base, antifoam & nutrient. A PC-ready microprocessor-controlled fermentor offering the convenience of in-place sterilization using either house steam or electric heaters. Capable of controlling up to 13 process control parameters: D.O.,pH, temperature, agitation, auto sterilization, level, nutrient feed, foam and high foam control, air flow and others. Unit is supplied with a 20L total volume vessel. System features include:
  • BioFlo 4 is a sterilizable-in-place, stirred-tank fermentor with 20 Liter ASME-certified pressure vessel.
  • Microprocessor controls with step-through menu to set 9 process loops, as well as sterilization cycle, and calibration of probes & pumps.
  • High oxygen transfer rate of 350 mM O2/L/H minimum
  • Vessel: 40 PSIG @ 300°F
  • Jacket 50 PSIG @ 300°F
  • Agitation: Variable 50 to 1000 RPM
  • Utility Requierments: Water: 35 PSIG, Deionized Water: 35 PSIG
  • Process Air: 30 SLPM, 30-60 PSIG
  • Electricity- 208/220/240 VAC 50/60Hz, 40 Amp
  • Steam 30 PSIG

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