Millipore Milli-Q Synthesis A10 Water Purification System

Manufacturer: Millipore
Model: Milli-Q Synthesis A10
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:13411
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Millipore Milli-Q (MilliQ A-10 Cat. No. ZMQS6VFT1) Synthesis A10. Milli-Q Product Water Quality will meet or exceed ASTM Type I Standard Specifications for Reagent Grade Water.
  • Designed for biological/life sciences applications.
  • Uses a three step purification process.
  • Guards / Filers / Cartridges sold separately.
  • Flow rate 0.8 to 1.2 LPM with MilliPak Express 20.
  • Resistivity 18.0 MOhm/cm.
  • Particles 1/ml particle size less than 0.22 um.

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