Milli-Q Advantage A10 Water Purification System

Model: Milli-Q Advantage A10
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:18471

To reach the most reliable ultrapure water quality, Milli-Q is built on an optimized purification sequence:

  • Pure water,  first enters the Q-Gard purification cartridge selected based on the feed water source.
  • Purified water then passes through a long-life dual wavelength UV lamp, which ensures organic molecule degradation by photooxidation.
  • Next, the Quantum polishing cartridge removes ionic and organic contaminants below trace levels.
  • Finally, the ultrapure water recirculates through a loop to the Q-POD unit, where an Application-Pak removes specific contaminants critical for your experiments
  • Ultrapure water free of particulates, bacteria, pyrogens, nucleases, proteases, VOCs, endocrine disruptors and organics for LC.

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