Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) Model 1200 Sector Imager 2400

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The SECTOR Imager 2400 provides the same excellent sensitivity and dynamic range as the SECTOR Imager 6000, while providing speed suitable for medium throughput laboratories. It provides multiplex assay capability using 96- well plates and reads single-assay, 384-well plates.


  • Single and multiplex plate formats
  • Highly sensitive imaging detection systems
  • Rapid read times (reads a plate in just over 3 minutes)
  • Workstation or automated operation
  • Simultaneous reading of bar code labels on both short and long sides of microplates
  • Six logs dynamic range
  • No complicated fluidics
  • Plate Formats
    • 96- and 384-well MULTI-ARRAY Plates
    • 96-well MULTI-SPOT Plates

MESO SCALE DISCOVERY MSD develops, manufactures, and markets biological assays that provide cost-effective and valuable information to scientists in drug discovery, therapeutic screening, and life science research. MSD’s product portfolio is based on  MULTI-ARRAY technology, a proprietary combination of patterned arrays and electrochemiluminescence detection that results in exceptional sensitivity, speed, dynamic range, and convenience. MSD offers assay plate readers for every research environment. SECTOR Imagers are ideal for applications requiring high information content and high throughput.

MSD develops, manufactures, and markets detection instrument systems as well as a line of assay kits for use with these instruments, a proprietary line of reagents, and custom microplate printing and assay development services. MSD MULTI-ARRAY microplates are available in 96-, 384-, and 1536- well formats with standard or high-binding surfaces. MSD plates may be purchased uncoated or coated with proteins such as streptavidin or avidin, with anti-species antibodies such as goat anti-mouse or goat anti-rabbit, or with antibodies against specific analytes. Custom coatings and surface treatments are available.

Software not included

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Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) Model 1200 Sector Imager 2400
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