GE Healthcare/Amersham Pharmacia Ready-To-Run Separation Unit

Manufacturer: General Electric
Model: 80-6460-95
Condition: Used
Tests Performed:Working
Listing ID#:11098

The Ready-To-Run Separation Unit makes it easy to get results fast—from microplate to results in less than 10 minutes. Specifcally designed for pre-qualifying PCR products for sequencing, array production, library screening, DNA mapping, or clone analysis. The platform is modular, up to three satellite units can be attached to the separation unit to analyze up to 384 samples simultaneously. Convenient pre-cast gels that are easy to load give reproducible results that are easy to analyze.
  • No Liquid Buffer Required
  • Incorporates Patented Buffer Strip Technology
  • Less than 10 Minutes Run Time
  • Precast Gels of 1.2%
  • Adopts Industry Standard 96-Well Microplate Format

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