Finnigan LCQ Ion Trap (LC/MS/MS) with Surveyor HPLC System

Manufacturer: Thermo Finnigan
Model: Surveyor / LC-Q / LC Q
Condition: Used
Warranty:90 day with onsite installation. Other options available upon request.
Tests Performed:tested
Listing ID#:4635

This Finnigan LCQ LC/MS/MS with Surveyor HPLC System is in excellent condition.
This system includes:
  • Thermo-Finnagan MAT LCQ Mass Spectrometer ( MS / MSD / LCMSMS / LC MSMS )
  • Mass range: 50-2000 m/z
  • Thermo Finnigan Surveyor Autosampler
  • Thermo Finnigan Surveyor MS Pump
  • Edwards 30 E2M30 Vacuum Pump
  • Xcalibur Software and PC
  • Cables and connectors

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