EST Analytical Encon Purge and Trap Concentrator

Manufacturer: EST Analytical
Model: Encon
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:11826

  • The RSVP – remove the entire sample pathway in under three minutes
  • Integrated GC and on-trap injection ports for diagnostic troubleshooting runs
  • Troubleshooting Mode – provides individual control of all valves and heaters
  • Moisture Reduction Trap (MoRT)™ provides excellent reproducibility by removing moisture on the purge side.
  • An 8-port valve allows the Moisture Reduction Trap to be excluded from the desorb pathway. Dead volume is dramatically reduced during desorption, improving resolution and sensitivity over the entire chromatogram.
  • Silcosteel® pathway for maximum inertness
  • Completely compatible with the EST Model 8100, the new Centurion water only autosampler, Archon, and other autosamplers
  • Integrated vacuum fluorescent display and status LEDs
  • Numeric keypad and integrated processor capable of storing 20 methods. GC Compatible.
  • Trap bake gas separate from glassware bake gas minimizing carryover between samples. Compounds being removed from the trap during the Bake cycle are not swept into a non-heated sample pathway zone.
  • Capable of <18 minute purge & trap cycle times
  • High trap bake flows
  • Trap heating rate >900 °C/minute
  • Trap cool down rate <2 minutes

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