Eksigent Express LC-100 Chromatograph

Manufacturer: Eksigent
Model: ExpressLC-100
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:9400
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Eksigent Express LC-100 with CTC Analytics / Leap Technologies CTC Robotic liquid handler and handheld controller. Run assays up to 5 times faster than a conventional HPLC. Increase mass spec sample throughput by a factor of 5. Eliminate dead time in your analysis and cut solvent usage by 99 percent. Achieve all this and more with the ExpressLC-100 system. TheExpressLC-100 system is a single-channel HPLC with binary solvent delivery, high pressure gradient mixing, variable volume injection, UV absorbance detection, and PC-based instrument control. This system is ideal for applications requiring speed, high quality quantitative data, and separation efficiency. ExpressLC-100
  • Designed for rapid, high resolution HPLC applications in drug discovery and development
  • Fully integrated system includes binary gradient pumps, injector, temperature-maintained column compartment and an array-based UV detection system
  • Single-channel parallel system provide binary solvent divery, high pressure gradient mixing, variable volume inection, UV absorbance detection and PC-based instrument control
  • Optimized for 300 µm i.d. columns at flow rates of .20 to 20 µL/min

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