Dionex DX-600 IC/HPLC System with Chromeleon Software

Manufacturer: Dionex
Model: DX-600 / DX600 / DX 600
Condition: Used
Tests Performed:Fully Tested
Listing ID#:55

This Dionex DX-600 ( DX 600 )  IC/HPLC ( IC HPLC ) System is in excellent condition.  This unit is a fully functional system interfaced with Chromeleon software on a P4 computer with an LCD monitor. This system includes:
  • Dionex GP40 Gradient Pump
  • Dionex ED50 Electrochemical Detector
  • Dionex AD25 Absorbance Detector
  • Dionex EG40 Eluent Generator
  • Dionex AS 50 Autosampler
  • Dionex AS 50 Thermal Compartment
  • Choice of Amperometry or Conductivity Cell
  • Computer with software

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