Dionex DX-500 IC System

Manufacturer: Dionex Model: DX-500 / DX500 / DX 500 Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 212

This Dionex DX-500 IC System is in excellent condition.  New and improved eluent delivery systems, automated eluent generation and intelligent chromatography data handling give you an ion chromatography system that is versatile, reliable, and accurate. All system operations from eluent generation to sample preparation are automated, resulting in an integrated laboratory that operates faster and more efficiently.

The DX-500 IC offers a high level of performance. Its superior sensitivity and reproducibility is unmatched. Significant developments like the improved eluent delivery system of the GP50 pump, the advent of the EG40 Eluent Generator, and the introduction of the AutoSelect™ AS50 Autosampler make the DX-500 IC system a state-of-the-art ion chromatograph with superior analytical performance.

This system includes:

  • Dionex AS50 Autosampler
  • Dionex LC20 Chromatography Enclosure
  • Dionex EG40 Eluent Generator
  • Dionex CD20 Conductivity Detector
  • Dionex GP40 Gradient Pump
  • Dionex E01 Eluent/Solvent Organizer
  • Computer with PeakNet software

Available Options:

  • Dionex AD20 UV-Vis Absorbance Detector


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Dionex DX-500 IC System
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