Dionex AS-AP Autosampler

Manufacturer: Dionex Model: AS-AP Condition: Used Warranty: 90 day with onsite installation. Other options available upon request. Test Performed: tested Listing ID# 13582

The Dionex ICS Series AS-AP (ASAP PN: 074925) Autosampler ALS is designed for high precision, reliability, ruggedness, and ease of use. The AS-AP can be used with the entire ICS product family and provides high-performance, automated sample processing for ion chromatography applications.


Sample Capacity 81 ea. 10 mL; 120 ea. 1.5 mL; Well Plates (3 × 96) or (3 × 384)
Injections per Vial 1–99
Minimum Sample Volume 10 µL can be sampled from a 300 µL microvial; 20 µL can be sampled from a 500 µL microvial
Variable Volume Range 1–100 µL in 0.1 µL increments; 100–7500 µL in 1 µL increments
Injection Precision Fixed loop <0.3% RSD at 20 µL; Partial loop <0.5% RSD at 20 µL
Dilution Precision <1.0% RSD for a 1:10 dilution
Dispensing Precision <0.2% RSD (by weighing)
Carryover <0.01% with 500 µL flush volume
Operating Temperature Range 4–60 °C (40–140 °F)
Power Requirements 90–265 V ac, 47–63 Hz


System includes:

  • Cables and connectors

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Dionex AS-AP Autosampler
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