CEM Discover Microwave Synthesis System with Pressure Device

Manufacturer: CEM
Model: Discover
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:11465
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The best-selling Discover® line of microwave synthesis systems is built upon CEM’s Focused™ Microwave Technology featuring a unique, 300-mL, single-mode cavity designed to automatically focus microwave energy with maximum efficiency regardless of the physical properties of the reaction.
The Discover’s Focused technology is the most effective design for applying microwave energy to a sample and the only single-mode design that features a “self-tuning” capability that never requires any tuning by the operator. It delivers true continuous power to the sample to ensure reproducible reaction conditions and results, regardless of volume, geometry, or changes in physical properties. The unique, circular, single-mode cavity “focuses” the microwaves onto the reactants, ensuring the sample is always in a homogenous, highly dense microwave field. The result: faster reactions with increased yields, improved selectivity, and superior reproducibility. Optimizing your reactions more quickly and in fewer steps gives you more time to use your creativity to explore the available chemical diversity.
  • Pressure: Monitor 0 - 35 Bar, Control 0 - 20 Bar
  • Temperature: -90° to 300° C control range
  • Stirring: In-situ magnetic variable speed
  • Microwave applicator: Circular, single-mode self-tuning
  • Ethernet Port: 10 based T, 10 MB/sec
  • Serial Port: (2) RS-232, 9 pin IBM PC compatible

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