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Cutting Edge Performance with Sub-ppm Confidence


Do you need maximum confidence in your analytical system?

Bruker Daltonics’ new micrOTOF-Q™ ESI-Qq-TOF mass spectrometer features the very lastest technology developments to provide maximum certainty in your research in Small Molecule Identification, Metabolomics or Proteomics.

Simultaneously three dimensions of information promote your analytical tasks to unrivaled heights of confidence:
  • Measure with unequalled accurate mass.
  • Validate with True Isotopic Pattern(TIP) analysis.
  • Benefit from accurate mass and TIP also in fragments analysis in MS/MS mode

Mass accuracy, chemical knowledge and SigmaFit clearly limit the number of possible formulae in molecular formula generation: for confident determination of the elemental makeup of a given peak.

This precious sub-ppm confidence is available for formula determination in pharmaceutical impurity analysis, metabolite identification, pesticide screening and toxicology & doping analysis.

Unique Power3–simultaneously without compromise

It has never been this easy to use: Cutting-edge performance is now available in a comprehensive bench top package.


Experience market leading sensitivity with the next-generation Apollo II™ ion funnel ESI source, dramatically improving ion transmission.

mass accuracy

Be impressed by a mass accuracy of better than 3 ppm over an exceptionally wide dynamic range.


Be amazed from superb focus resolving power exceeding a resolution of 15,000 FWHM.

fragment analysis

Featuring a superb quadrupole mass filter and a quadrupole collision cell for accumulation of parent and fragment ions prior to mass analysis, the micrOTOF-Q expands the renowned micrOTOF’s advanced performance on the analysis of molecule fragments, adding a third level of confidence to the two dimensions of accurate mass and True Isotopic Pattern analysis with SigmaFit™.

A convenient, highly stable, external one-step calibration for automated data output with a mass accuracy of 3 ppm
makes this instrument your easy-to-use companion with superior performance to all other (ESI)-TOF instruments.

Achieve simultaneously reliable MS and MS/MS accuracy, independent of whether calibration was performed in MS or MS/MS mode.

Thus, for chemical formula determination, a detailed formula suggestion is only three clicks away.

Raise your research to higher power with all these skills available concurrently!

Resolution and Sensitivity


Ultimate sensitivity is demonstrated with a 500 amole digested BSA sample. Even for this low sample amount, solid peptide identifications are possible.

Mass resolution

Both small molecules and intact proteins are analyzed with excellent mass resolution. Isotopic resolution is achieved even for deconvoluted spectra. The simulated pattern fits perfectly to the measured mass spectrum.

Ultimate Performance with Superiour Detection Power


Fragments Analysis

The micrOTOF-Q provides exceptional mass accuracy in MS/MS for metabolite and protein identification.

Achieve optional additional fragmentation performance with a source designed for ion fragmentation prior to the quadrupole (In-Source CID). After isolation in the analytical quadrupole, the ISCID fragments can be further fragmented in the collision cell (CID).

Outstanding Solutions and Software Environment

Confident Quantitative and Qualitative Multi-Target Screening – Forensics, Doping control, and Residue Analysis

The TargetAnalysis™ application allows multi-target compound screening in complex matrices, providing high specificity and enhanced SigmaFit™ molecular formula determination.

Screen Hundreds of Compounds

The solution is able to screen hundreds of compounds from a single sample LC/ESI-TOF run and enables screening
for large compound libraries with a confidence level and reproducibility unsurpassed by any other system. This
workflow saves significant time when running multi-target applications like drugs/metabolites in urine, food safety analysis, forensic toxicology or environmental testing.

Create Own Libraries

Users are enabled to create their own application-specific accurate mass libraries. The unique AMIC (accurate mass
ion chromatogram) technique, with a tolerance down to +/- 0.002 Da, dramatically reduces chemical background interference and greatly improves specificity.

ID of Unknowns

Retrospective in silico screening for new or unexpected compounds is possible because unlike in triple-quad based MRM methods, the full molecular information content in addition to the target library specific information is retained .

Combine Multi Target screening with general unknown ID:
  • Screen for multiple targets (up to several 100)
  • Archive the whole sample-information
  • ID unknowns with MS/MS

Empowering accessories

Chemical Formula Generation

Compass OpenAccess™ provides a automated walk-up LC/MS system for chemical formula generation, molecular formula confirmation and generic LC/MS measurements.

This client-server based software supports LC/MS workflows especially for chemists in laboratories with various level of instrumental analysis experience.

Metabolic Profiler™

Advance biomarker profiling to the metabolome level to address metabolomic profiles that are powerful sensors reflecting situations at physiological endpoints. An application feasable with the micrOTOF-Q in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and clinical research.

Metabolite ID

Metabolite and small molecule prediction and detection is performed by MetaboliteTools™, allowing detailed evaluation of samples and sample batches based on the sophisticated eXpose™ detection algorithm and accurate mass capabilities of micrOTOF-Q.

MetaboliteTools predicts possible metabolites from a given drug structure, and extracts relevant information on existing metabolites for LC-MS data.

Proteomics Screening and in-depth Analysis

Translate mass spectra into knowledge. ProteinScape with WARP-LC™ and BioTools™ provides unique software backbones to mass spectrometric proteome and protein analysis. Visualization tools for validation, such as the LC SurveyViewer or quantification box-plots, are accompanied by protein identification tools, de novo sequencing support and PTM discovery.

The Unified Software Environment

Our unified Compass™ software environment for all our life science instruments integrates instrument control, data acquisition, processing and interpretation – speeding research and enhancing productivity.

Regulatory Compliance

Compass Security Pack™ provides all necessary functions for work in compliance with FDA and EU regulations (21CFR part 11/Annex 11):

  • electronic signatures
  • audit trailing
  • user management
  • result history
  • system protection during breaks

Technical specifications

Cutting-edge Performance

Advanced micrOTOF-Q Technology

  • World-leading combination of mass accuracy, resolution and
    sensitivity without compromise
  • SigmaFit™, the unique combination of accurate mass with
  • True Isotopic Pattern (TIP™)
  • Wide dynamic range for ultra-stable accurate mass
  • High-performance Q-q-front end
  • Footprint 640 x 949 x 1320 mm, weight 160 kg

Analytical Performance

  • Mass range 20 – 40,000 m/z
  • Mass accuracy in MS and MS/MS 3 ppm RMS Error (internal),
    5 ppm RMS Error (external)
  • Mass resolution in MS and MS/MS 15,000 (FWHM)
  • Temperature compensated
  • Acquisition rate (2GHz sampling rate) 20 Hz
    (profile and peak detected spectra to disk)

The micrOTOF-Q seamlessly integrates in Bruker Daltonics’ System Solutions:

  • TargetAnalysis – for multi-target compound screening
  • Compass OpenAccess™: Walk-up LC/MS chemical formula generation
  • Metabolic Profiler™: The ideal tool for Metabolic Studies
  • PROTEINEER™: 2D Gel-MS/MS-based Proteomics Suite
  • PROTEINEER-LC™: LC-MS/MS-based Proteomics Suite

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